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Excellent quebracho wood ideal for homes for their durability.

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  • From the Chaco of Argentina and Paraguay
  • Long-lasting, slow consumption by fire
  • High calorific power
  • Aromatic wood to the Argentine taste
  • Very hard, heavy wood, moderate contractions, long smooth grain, medium lustre, fine homogeneous texture, very oblique interlaced grain
  • Special household and commercial use, heating and grills
  • Ideal for consumption in different types (commercial, household, meals, etc).


Maximum expression in the wood product. "Campana" coloured quebracho; this is a coloured quebracho with more than 20 years of seasoning, giving this variety a remarkable consistency and yield (lasts up to 3 times longer than common woods of other species); and significantly superior to others in terms of calories, reducing the need to replenish wood stocks, causing less disruption, with greater profitability. Its qualities make it the most demanded and appreciated variety in the world.


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